Meet Our Staff

The Crew

Brian Buck - President

       Brian Buck founded and is the president of Luxury Motors Online. This started as a small project in 2007 buying and selling a few cars at a time. His goal was to provide the best quality merchandise with the best possible service. A goal that is shown through the dedication of his team, which is to be the best they can and provide customers with a no hassle service. He works diligently with his staff to bring the best possible purchasing experience to our customers. We know that there are many options out there for buying a car and we appreciate you giving us the opportunity to earn your business, a decision we believe you will be happy to have made.
       It has taken many caring hearts and minds to help Luxmoto become a success. Thank you to our friends, family, our wonderful staff and especially our customers for making it happen.

Don, House of Bonta, 3rd of his name - General Sales Manager

       Don came to LuxMoto from a long history in the automotive and aviation fields. He started his career as a detailer specializing in private planes and jets. While taking business management courses he decided to open his own shop providing high end detailing for luxury and exotic cars.
       From there the natural progression took him into auto sales where he started at a Honda dealer and became Honda Council of Sales and Leadership Gold Certified. Throughout his career in the auto industry he held positions starting from Sales, Internet Director, Finance Director and Sales Manager. He has worked with several franchises from Honda all the way to Lamborghini, Ferrari and Spyker while loving everything in between. Although cars are a passion and career he has had a love for motorcycles since he was 18, primarily sport bikes up to his current MV Augusta. He had also spent a few years racing in SCCA. For the most part if it has an engine he can talk your ear off about the subtle nuances of it.

Nikki Kennedy - Office Manager

       Nikki's goal as the office manager is to provide you with the best car buying experience possible. Her job is to keep things running smoothly for our team here at Luxury Motors Online. Lux's inventory is always at the lowest price and we've built a strong reputation and high customer satisfaction because of the way we do business. 
      While she attended school, she started working in my family's coffee shops, located in Portland and Vancouver. She eventually worked her way up to running and managing the shops herself. As she learned more about running small businesses, customer service, sales and organizational skills, she ventured in other career paths and finally came across Luxury Motors Online.
       I really like the way Brian has set up the business with an easy-going car buying experience, no pressure sales and a relaxed, but professional atmosphere. Here at Luxury Motors, we understand that buying a car is process and my job is to help you through that process as much as I can. I look forward to meeting you.

Gary Noack - Operations Manager/Veterans Advocate

       Gary has been in the car industry for over 20 years and has done just about every job in the sales area. He had been retired since 2011 when Brian called him back into service, to see if he was interested in coming back to work with him at Luxmoto since his business had grown so much. Gary was retired, but told him he was a bit bored and thought his model of business with one price selling, customer focused and a relaxed environment in the pre-owned luxury vehicle sales business was a great fit. 
       Since all of his experience has been in the luxury cars, 17 years with Mercedes Benz among others, he felt that he knew the needs of our customers and the quality experience LuxMoto's customers would expect.
       Gary, being a Military Veteran himself is also our Veterans Advocate for our Veterans Program. More information about this program can be found on our homepage.

Edwin Siemion - Finance Director

       Edwin, an AFIP Certified Professional in Financial Services, has spent a majority of his life in the automotive industry. Born and raised in Alaska gave him many opportunities in varied career areas. His first job was crew on a seine boat, commercial fishing. That lasted for 9yrs (summers) before he found a foot hold on land in his home town of Cordova doing something he enjoyed, turning wrenches. For 5yrs in the 90's he owned an auto repair shop as well as worked as a journeyman production technician and mechanic for diesel and hydro power generation at the local utility company, taking care of the company vehicle fleet as well as prime power generating engines. He sat on the board of directors for the local ski area and on the committee for the annual Cordova Iceworm Festival. 
       In 1998 he moved to California and at the end of 1999 saw an add for sales at a Chevrolet store in Hayward, CA. He took the position out of sheer curiosity....and the rest was history. Starting out as a salesman, Edwin rose through the ranks. Internet Manager, Fleet Manager, Sales Manager, Finance Manager and finally Finance Director. What all of those different careers and positions taught him is understanding. In order to be successful at anything you must have empathy for those you help. When you can understand what a person is asking, by putting yourself in their shoes, you are able to serve them better, provide a better information and help them make a more informed decision.

Live Long and Prosper....

Maegan Shockley - CSR Manager

       Maegan, a feline enthusiast, has 32 (yes, 32) cats, all named after Disney characters (meow). It is important to her that they are cared for properly. This includes a strict diet of GMO Free, Vegan, Free Range Kale and fertilized with love and flowers and Unicorn Manure. She often speaks about the lovely feelings she gets when she dreams about fields of kittens with the sound of Morgan Freeman whispering in her ear.


Jordan McNally - IT Director

       Jordan grew up in the RV industry doing everything from washing to body work since he was a young one. Working many jobs in his early 20's from sandblasting to stereo install he eventually found a love for computers and has been in the IT business ever since. Running a small computer repair company he started helping Brian and LuxMoto with their IT needs and is now full time member. Jordan Makes sure the network is running smoothly and helps keep the website up and running, while also taking care of other special projects. 
       When Jordan isn't at Lux he's most likely out flying his drones somewhere with his dogs, or waiting in line for the new Marvel movie. 
       I think Brian is changing the game when it comes to selling cars. I'm excited to work at such a special place with this great team at Luxury Motors Online!

Mayhem - Vendor Control / Tactical Drone / Visitor Therapy

Bark, bark, bark, bark bark bark bark!!!

(translation: Throw the Ball)